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RECOIL is on the Ground at Blade Show 2016

Blade Show 2016 is upon us, and RECOIL Magazine is upon them. It. Them. The show. Whatever.

If you've never been to Blade, as it's mostly commonly called, you're missing something. It's a massive gathering of knife manufacturers from across the sharp and stabby spectrum; production knives to custom, fixed and folder alike. Held every year at the Cobb Galleria in Atlanta (and in “the Pit” nearby), Blade is a who's who in the world of edge. If you have a minute, take a look at #bladeshow2016 on Instagram for an idea of how and what will be there. With 300 booths and nearly 700 tables, you ought to be able to find something you like. There will be more than knives — there will be handmade items of every description, badass man jewelry and other wearables, hell there may be a Lucky Fatman Talisman wandering about — there will definitely be a few people who've earned one on the floor.

As an example, that image you see above — that's Foxhanx, Rustick Knives, RMJ Tactical, Steel Flame, JBS Bladeworks, Eric Luther Knives, Darrel Ralph Designs, Hinderer Knives and BladeHQ. There's lots more where that came from.

Come back and check this post frequently. RECOIL is on the Ground at Blade Show 2016!

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Facebook Live Videos:

VZ Grips


Find Blade on Facebook here. The official site is online here. Follow the event on Instagram, @blade_show. Subscribe to them on YouTube right here.

Here are a few more examples of what you'll see this year at Blade: Olamic Tactical, DSK Tactical, Beauscords, Serge Knives, McNees Custom Knives, Diabolique Kustoms and a Bastinelli CreationsFox Knives collaboration. As you can see, we will be a constantly updating a feed of imagery from the show above.

Wish you were here.


“BLADE Show is the nation's largest knife show and it's coming to Cobb Galleria again for its 35th Anniversary! See over 700 tables and 200+ booths of the latest custom and factory, antique and other knives all in one location. You'll find all the hottest knives under one roof, plus you can learn a thing or two at BLADE University!”

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