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RECOIL Issue #5

RECOIL Issue # 5 is now available for purchase from the SIM Magazine Store.

The SIM Magazine Store provides the same quality product available on newsstands without the need to search for it. They will also ship to US, Canada and International. You can also subscribe to the digital edition and preview some of the articles from RECOIL Issue # 5 HERE.

4 responses to “RECOIL Issue #5”

  1. Thomas West says:

    I loved the story on the National Museum of the United States Airforce. Before moving to Iowa we would visit the museum almost on a monthly basis. Visiting that much, you dont realize that the displays are always moving, only getting to go “home” maybe once a year and then visiting the museum, you then realize how much things do get moved. if you want to know the history of our Military, the Air Force Museum at Wright-Patt is a good place to start.

  2. kevin white says:

    Keep up the great work.

  3. Jeff dickinson says:

    Do you have a monthly magazine? And how do I sign up

  4. Ross Thomas says:

    Hi All at Recoil,
    How do I subscribe for a hard copy of Recoil, Can’t find the area for Subs.Here in OZ
    issues are difficult to find, and I really don’t want a digital
    version, love the general info & targets, keep them coming

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