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RECOIL Issue #6

RECOIL Issue #6 is now available on newsstands and digitally. In Issue #6 you will find an exclusive on the Faxon Firearms ARAK-21 piston upper. Plus, there is an in-depth feature on the Nemesis Vanquish take-down rifle, a head-to-head comparison of two concealable .45-caliber handguns – the Glock 30S and Springfield XD-S, and a review of the popular Versa Max Tactical shotgun.

Readers will also find a DIY on building an AR-15 upper receiver, buyer's guides, and other articles. Issue #6 includes a Spike's Tactical target. To preview the issue, and learn how to subscribe for print and digital editions head over to: RECOIL Issue #6.

5 responses to “RECOIL Issue #6”

  1. William Christian says:

    Redemption in your choice of a new editor. While I certainly am cautious (‘trust but verify’), I still believe this magazine has the potential to further the cause of freedom and peace loving, 2A-supporting Americans.
    I await many issues of proof of your support for the 2nd Amendment.

  2. Tommy M. says:

    Don’t see how anyone can argue with Iain Harrison, but to each their own. I got every issue and this newest one is one of the best. It was nice to see a piston AR – especially one I hadn’t heard of. And I’d like to see more solar powered/SHTF type of equipment. Good articles – Great mag!

  3. Tomas Villaflor says:

    When am I going going to receive my subscription issue #6 ?

  4. M Yarish says:

    When am I going going to receive my subscription issue #6 ?

    It is already at newsstands but not in my mailbox?????

  5. Jon P. says:

    I must have been in a cave. I just got Iain’s first issue (issue 6?), and I will probably subscribe. The 1:1 scale illustrations of firearms, equipment, and gear are very well done.

    I am a Land Rover nut, so I enjoyed the Discovery Series II article. Information on personal protection and preparedness is very valuable. I would love to see an article on home defense/protection to deal with intruders. More articles on honing shooting skills are great, too. Maybe you have covered some of this content in the previous issues, and I missed it.

    Anyway, keep up the great work, and I will be subscribing soon.

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