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RECOIL Subscriptions Now Available

We heard you loud and clear. You demanded print subscriptions – and we’re delivering. RECOIL is now available for home delivery.


That’s six issues per year of in-depth coverage of the gun lifestyle printed on durable, thick, high-quality paper. That’s right. The same features that set us apart on the newsstand are available to you at home. Best of all, you can save money by having RECOIL delivered right to your door. One year is just $49.95 (not including special issues) with all issues delivered to you in a protective covering. Subscribe now!

To subscribe to RECOIL click HERE.

RECOIL print subscriptions Customer Service.

6 responses to “RECOIL Subscriptions Now Available”

  1. Rodger Hopkins says:

    Awesome mag! I’m looking forward to checking out your next issue.

  2. Wm says:

    That awesome it’s about time. Now you just need a reasonable price and you are good to go. $50 for 6 issues is absurd!

  3. Tyler Hemingson says:

    I am currently serving overseas and I want to get recoil magazine! I got one issue a year ago ever here and I enjoyed it a lot. It’s a great read and Im wondering how i can get more!

  4. rob butz says:

    So how does a guy in canada get your magazine I found one copy of your first one in a 7-11 in Cranbrook BC and have yet to see another copy anywhere in BC or Alberta

  5. Steven Ready says:

    Great magazine, I love it!!!

  6. Cody Campbell says:

    I would subscribe, but its been three months and I have still yet to see a new cover. Step it up guys, I like your magazine. The old editor is gone. Fill the shoes and move one. I like what you guys are trying to do. I have bought every magazine except the first one. I also will continue to buy. But you have to get more prints out. Targets, well ok. I didn’t buy it. Its just hope. You gotta get something new on our table or you are going to lose the target audience.

    Thank you
    Cody D. Campbell

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