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First Annual Conclave: the RECOIL Texas Hog Hunt

Kaiju sized, man-eating pigs are an ever present danger in today's world. Anyone who has seen Chawz or the trailers for Boar will tell you so. Well, the RECOIL staff has decided to do something about it. We've gone to Texas for our first ever Conclave, there to do battle with (hopefully) hordes of feral swine. We've assembled what can only be described as a wish list of weapons and gear from a veritable who's who of manufacturers.

Hopefully our fieldcraft and marksmanship will be worthy of it.

There will be an ongoing image feed here to keep you abreast of our success (or failure) and to give you a look at what we're using. You can also keep an eye out on our Instagram feed for hashtags  #recoiltexashoghunt #recoiltexashoghunting #texashoghunting #hoghunting and #gonetotexas.

Much more detail below.

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Here's an excerpt from the Operations Order as issued by Chief Editor Iain Harrison (a former British recce officer):

Conclave 1: RECOIL Texas Hog Hunt

We'll be working on approximately 25,000 acres in the vicinity of Frio Town, one hour west of San Antonio TX, comprising farmland and scrub river valley. It's not expected that shots longer than 250m will be a factor due to the nature of the terrain.

Friendly Forces
Team RECOIL consisting of all editorial staff, plus managerial, Art and sales staff.

Atts and Dets
Jason Swarr of Straight 8, staff of Frio County Hunts.

Enemy forces
Hogs, sir. Thousands of 'em.

Team RECOIL will slay porcine invaders, stacking their bodies like cordwood in order to produce editorial content for RECOIL and its sister titles. And bacon.

Concept of Operations
This will be a three phase operation. Phase one will be the assembly of RECOIL staff in FRIO TOWN, TX. Stage two will be the slaughter of many, many pigs and predator species under the tutelage of local guides. Phase three will be recovery back to base locations.

BOAR movie Monster Pig RECOILTexasHogHunt


This will be the first time we've been able to get the majority of our editorial staff together in one place at one time and we're pretty stoked about it; we'll be missing just Senior Editor Patrick Vuong (who is away at Ninja School) and Web Editor David Reeder (who had an Reserve Avengers meeting to attend). Hope you'll join us — online at least.

Many excellent companies have assisted Team RECOIL in this desperate battle against incredible odds. They include (but are not limited to):

5.11 Tactical


American Trigger Corporation (AR Gold Triggers)


Black Hills Ammunition

Blue Force Gear

Breakthrough Clean Technologies

Century Arms

Dynamis Alliance www.dynamisalliancecom

Elftmann Tactical


FLIR System


Grey Ghost Precision

Insight Technology


Lehigh Defense



Mechanix Wear

Modern Outfitters


Nightlong Industries

Night Goggles

Oakley SI

Princeton Tec




Replay XD

Spuhr Mounts

Strike Industries


Surplus Ammo

Texas Weapon Systems


Way of the Gun


We're not entirely sure what we'll find out there in the vast, arid wastelands of Texas, but here's hoping…

By the way, for more information on those movies, you can find out more about Chawz here and Boar here.

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