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RECOILtv Ballistics: Shooting Through Car Doors

RECOILtv Ballistics (s01e04): Shooting Through Car Doors

Phuc Long of Firepower United is back to show us how Hollywood lore is often misleading. Are you really safe inside your car or hiding behind the door if you're being shot at? You might be surprised. Phuc tears into some steel to compare the penetration of .45 ACP, 9mm, 5.56, 00 buck, and 7.62×51 through car doors. If you were a gambler and had to put money on which caliber would be a sure thing, you might be a little light in the wallet afterwards. Check out the video from RECOILtv and comment below with your thoughts on the ballistic results. Enjoy!

Ballistics is Presented to You By: Freedom Munitions

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