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RECOILtv Full Auto Friday Video: Minigun Motorcycle, Part 1

RECOILtv Full Auto Friday (s01e07): Minigun Motorcycle, Part 1

Well, you've seen the teasers. Now it's time for an introduction to what may be the world's coolest motorcycle. The Tailgunner Dillon Aero M134X Interceptor is the brainchild of Tailgunner Exhaust and Dillon Aero. We sent our editor Iain Knievel out to check this thing out and see how the parties involved managed to build such a feat of engineering. Did we whet your appetite? We hope so. Look for more videos to come and a full feature write-up in an upcoming issue of RECOIL. Enjoy the mayhem. Watch it all right here on RECOILtv.

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