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RECOILtv Full Auto Friday Video: Suppressed Sterling L34A1 Mk5

RECOILtv Full Auto Friday (s01e05): Suppressed Sterling L34A1 Mk5

Whether you’re a history buff or Stormtrooper wannabe, you’ll want to pull up your chair for a little history lesson. Astute viewers will recognize the gun in this Full Auto Friday video as being one of the guns that helped the Brits through World War II. As a variation on the Sten, the Sterling Mk5 is still arguably one of the most advanced guns for its time. It also received some cosmetic treatments by George Lucas’ staff during the filming of Star Wars, where it appeared as one of the Stormtroopers’ rifles. Here our favorite former British Army Captain Iain Harrison is right at home. Watch as he goes over the guns’ history, its most and least impressive features, and how it still performs at the range after 70 some odd years. Check out the video from RECOILtv and comment below on what your thoughts on the gun are. Enjoy!

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Sterling submachine gun

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