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RECOILtv Gun Room Video: 1911 vs Glock


RECOILtv Gun Room Video: 1911 vs Glock

We're sure the title of this video already provoked a lot of eye rolls. The 1911 is a older design, but many believe that new is always synonymous with better. So we're about to see if the old horse still has some life left in it by competing with it. Where better to put a single-stack, .45 ACP up against your typical double-stack plastic duty pistols than a training event for military and law enforcement? Iain put the old “Indian or the arrow” argument to the test when he ran a .45 Kimber 1911 against some standard service pistols like Glock 17s used by most law enforcement to see where he ranked with lower ammo capacity and higher recoil.

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