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RECOILtv Gun Room Video: Vantage Arms SIX12 Shotgun

RECOILtv Gun Room (s01e06): Vantage Arms SIX12 Shotgun

Some just can't get excited about shotguns. That's probably because they haven't had a gander at the new Vantage Arms SIX12 yet. A new venture by Caleb Crye, he and Iain spent the afternoon shooting clay pigeons with this new take on an old favorite. Specifically built as a breaching shotgun, the removable six-shot cylinder SIX12 comes as a standalone version or it can be mounted under an AR so you don't have to transition between weapons, or in case you just want to pretend you're Billy from Predator. Check out the footage and let us know what you think of the design. Watch it all right here on RECOILtv.

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