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RECOILtv Mail Call: SureFire FirePak Smart Phone Illumination Tool

RECOILtv Mail Call (s01e06): SureFire FirePak Smart Phone Illumination Tool

If you’ve ever tried using your smartphone to record a video in the dark, you know how difficult it is to get well-illuminated footage. The cell’s standard light is pretty weak. Holding a flashlight with your other hand gets even more confusing. Thankfully, SureFire has stepped up to the plate with their integrated SureFire FirePak video illuminator and charger to shed some light on this dilemma. The 4.5-ounce system mounts to the rear of their proprietary smartphone case for the iPhone 6/6S and Galaxy S5, and is Bluetooth capable with hopefully more case applications coming soon. The dual lights emit 100 to 1,500 lumens and are designed to exactly match the frame size of the smartphone video up to 50 feet in total darkness. USB and Micro-USB ports provide easy charging access to the SureFire FirePak, which can also double as a charger for your phone. RECOILtv is here to bring you the information on this new smart phone light.

As seen in this video:
SureFire FirePak
SureFire Phone Case

For more information:
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