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RECOILtv Mail Call Video: 5.11 Sleeveless Holster Shirt

RECOILtv Mail Call (s02e7): 5.11 Sleeveless Holster Shirt

CCW holster options are at an all-time high right now. One such product that caught our eye was the 5.11 Sleeveless Holster Shirt. We had Billy Birdzell check out this form-fitting, poly/spandex shirt that hybridizes garment and concealed carry holster. With twin shoulder pockets, Billy demonstrates how one could conceivably carry a full-size Glock on one side with a subcompact M&P Shield stored on the other side. Wearing it under a button-up shirt allows for discrete carry and quick access. Available for both men and women, see if it has a place in your CCW kit.

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