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RECOILtv Mail Call Video: Peltor’s New “Smart” Ear Pro

RECOILtv Mail Call (s01e21): Peltor 300 and 500 Hearing Protection

Hearing protection has come a long way since the days of just having something with insulated plastic that covered our ears. This year from the Shot Show 2017 floor, Bill Birdzell stopped at the Peltor booth to see what innovations they've come up with in the world of ear pro…and we couldn't believe what we heard. Although their Tac Sports have become an industry staple, the new Sport Tactical 300 and 500 have raised the bar on technology.

Aside from the redesigned headband and noise-reduction ratings of 24db on the 300 Series and 26 on the 500 Series, a whole other host of features are available. Both offer dynamic suppression time which measures the energy in the gunshot, and that determines the suppression time of the signal processing. In other words, the larger the caliber, the longer the suppression time so you practically get customized hearing protection that's self setting for the caliber of guns being fired. And get this, they also have the capability to recognize and track voices, so the hardware in the ear pro can find the voices of whoever is with you at the range in the audio spectrum and cancel out ambient noise so you can hear whoever you're with more clearly. The 500 series also features Bluetooth capability. Check these bad boys out and see if you can believe your ears.

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