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RECOILtv SHTF/OFFGRID: Improvised Fire Starting

RECOILtv SHTF/OFFGRID (s01e01): Improvised Fire Starting

Bic lighters, waterproof matches, ferro rods, magnesium bar, snack chips? RECOILtv host and survival expert Tim MacWelch of Advanced Survival Training teams up with RECOIL OFFGRID editor Patrick Vuong show some improvised fire starting techniques. See what household items can be used in a pinch when the grid may be down and power outages prevent you from using conventional methods. You’d be surprised what materials you can use to start a fire that are right under your nose.

As seen in the video:
UCO Gear Stormproof Matches
Exotac polySTRIKER
Doan Machinery & Equipment Magnesium Firestarter

SHTF/OFFGRID is Presented to You By: Cannae Pro Gear

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