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RECOILtv : Training Tune Ups – Double Tap vs. Controlled Pair

In this installment of RECOILtv‘s Training Tune Ups, we join Dan Brokos of Lead Faucet Tactical as he discusses one of the most well known phrases when it comes to shooting: the double tap vs controlled pair. Popularized by the ability to control the trigger on subgun platforms, the double tap is outdated in Dan's opinion. In today's world, shooters must account for every single shot they take, regardless of whether they are a civilian, serving in the military, or law enforcement. Dan's issue with the double tap resides with the principle philosophy of the tactic, where a shooter releases two rounds per sight picture. In today's environment, that's a big risk to take when sending a round downrange. But Dan has an alternative that is just as effective, and could be even faster than a double tap in multi-target drills (if you train enough!). A controlled pair eliminates the two rounds per sight picture, and focuses on shot recovery and follow through, training the shooter to release a round, control recoil, center sights on target, and then release the second round. While it seems like this would be a longer process, once a shooter is able to drill enough, their time decreases dramatically, evident by the display Dan gives us. Check it out and watch Training Tune Ups: Double Tap vs Controlled Pair. how your time stacks up!

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