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Rex Silentium Mod X: Sturdy Cans and Boutique Service

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Rex Silentium is a small company making a big splash in boutique suppressor service. We recently had the chance to test their MOD X rifle suppressor, and while we’re very happy with its performance, we’re especially intrigued by their approach to customer service and customization.

Rex takes a very meat-and-potatoes approach to can construction. They start with 17-4PH stainless steel, which is then hardened to 45-47Rc. The baffles are CNC-machined and welded together for a solid, tubeless construction rated for a tensile strength of 190,000 psi. From this foundation, the MOD X is grown into a tough, versatile can with some well-thought-out options for customization so you get exactly the can you need. 

rex silentium mod x surefire mini scout
The shortest and smallest configuration available on the base module is three baffles. This nano-sized unit measures 4.1 inches long and weighs 8.2 ounces.

The MOD X is a two-part design, with a base unit and a module. You can order it directly from their website in a couple of prepackaged bore sizes and a “standard” configuration of 12 baffles split in half — a six-baffle base unit with a six-baffle extension module, which simply threads on to the base. Off-the-shelf calibers are .308, .338, .358, and .458, which Rex says are their most popular requests. But this is where “standard” ends for the MOD X.

To truly get the most out of this can, the key is to find a Rex Silentium dealer. The MOD X can be built with as many as 14 baffles, split between the two segments in (almost) any way you want. They only do direct sales in the four configurations listed above. But if you place an order with one of their dealers, you can specify total number of baffles, how they’re split, and the bore size. If you have a specific length or weight target in mind for your rifle, you can tinker with your configuration to meet these. The shortest and smallest configuration available on the base module is three baffles. This nano-sized unit measures 4.1 inches long and weighs 8.2 ounces. From this building block, each additional baffle adds a half-inch of length and 1.3 ounces to the overall dimensions of the can — all these details are on the Rex Silentium website, giving you a de facto recipe book to calculate the exact size and weight of your MOD X in both short and long versions. 

rex silentium mod x
Rex Silentium engraves their suppressor at the base of the tube to avoid having to replace the entire can in case of a baffle strike or re-core.

Then, there are the bore sizes. The MOD X product page lists 89 separate calibers available for order, ranging from .17 Hornet up to 7.62x54R, with some oddballs in between like 7.7×58 Arisaka, .303 British, .30 Carbine, and .300 H&H Magnum. Don’t see your desired chambering? Ask your dealer, and they’ll check with the factory for a custom caliber/bore size option. Oh, and Rex’s website advertises “no barrel length restrictions.”

rex silentium
The beauty of the MOD X is its ability to be customized into two segments with dozen of “split” combinations to create a can that’s precisely tuned to fit your desired application and size profile.

Our test sample is a .224 bore, tailored specifically to live on a 12.5-inch AR set up as a general-purpose “mini-Recce” rifle. In order to experiment with Rex’s minimum-length setup, we ordered a seven-baffle can, in a ¾ split — a three-baffle base with a four-baffle extension module. How much noise reduction do you get from three baffles? Our first test fire on this can took place in a two-lane “pop-up” range at our local FFL. The lane dividers are stamped, diamond-plate metal, like the toolbox in the back of a pickup truck. It’s definitely not the quietest can you’ll fire, and it’s definitely not hearing-safe on paper. But in this environment, the three-baffle base unit of our MOD X still allowed us to have a conversation with the range officer while shooting. We were concerned a can this small on a 5.56mm SBR would be little more than a blast diffuser. But that’s definitely not the case, and the sound reduction is noticeable. Attaching the additional four baffles provides an even more pleasant shooting experience. We like this particular setup because the tiny base unit can live on our shorty full-time to save your hearing in an emergency-use situation while adding minimal length and weight. The full-length extension can be added on during classes and range days for maximum quiet. Want less noise? Add more baffles. 

rex silentium threading
All Rex Silentium suppressors use the industry-standard 1.375×24 HUB mount making it compatible with most existing QD systems.

There are a few other considerate features to the MOD X, beyond the extensive degree of customization. Rex Silentium suppressors are engraved at very back of the suppressor body. This way, if you ever suffer a baffle strike, just send the can back to Rex and they can repair/re-core it “in a matter of days.” The two halves of the MOD X thread together with built-in witness marks that serve as visual “GO/NO-GO” indicators when coupling the halves. Base modules feature a 1.375×24 HUB mount, making them compatible with a variety of aftermarket quick-detach systems. 

rex silentium mod x
The MOD X can be quickly set to “short” mode by unscrewing the two halves and replacing the end cap to the base module.

The MOD X retails for just under $1,000 — not the most inexpensive can we’ve come across, for sure. But the hefty construction and intensive customization available at the consumer level make it a not-unreasonable price point for that level of customer service. To spec out your own MOD X, contact your nearest Rex Silentium dealer. 

Rex Silentium


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