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Russian Rifles: Suppressed Big Bore Bullpup

Popular Mechanics is no stranger to guns, or for that matter any other military technology. For example, the American issue currently on the shelves sports a Daniel Defense Mk18 on the cover. The international versions of Popular Mechanics are no different, and their current Russian issue features some foreign (to us) firepower. It even has the new Kalashnikov Concern SK-16 on display.

Of particular interest in this issue is the VKS/VSSK Vychlop (“Exhaust”), a suppressed big bore (12.7mm) bullpup. Though these have been in production for more than a decade, Popular Mechanics gets a closer look. They focus in particular on the specialized load developments. But you don't have to be able to read Russian or obtain a print copy to read about it; has taken the extra step of including the article online.

Google Translate can gift some dubious (and often hilarious) translations to be sure, but you can still get the gist of the article.

Here's an excerpt:

However, all this comes with a price: in comparison with a standard cartridge of 12.7, which is capable of hitting targets at ranges of 1500-2000 meters, the new ammunition shows the sighting distance of 600-800 meters, but before Tula and were challenged to create another sverhdalnoboynuyu antimaterial rifle. such as Russian SALT-96 or American Barret M82. It was necessary not only powerful and precise, but silent weapon.

All cartridges SP-130 can be divided into two types – improved accuracy and increased penetration. Bullet cartridges increased penetrative ability is inside a steel core and has a rather bizarre form, reminiscent of a multistage rocket. This “rocket” at distances up to 200 m able to make a hole in armor plate steel 16 mm thick and 100 m pierce virtually any existing body armor.

In addition bronelistov a cartridge easily breaks the wooden wall or masonry with thickness up to 10 cm At the same time there is no doubt – no matter where the bullet hit the cartridge SP-130, her sacrifice almost doomed:. Dynamic impact to any part of the body such caliber – certain death, and in the case of contact with a limb – guaranteed its leadership and strong blood loss. By the way, the store “Exhaust” fits these five deadly bullets.

You can read the complete article (and see the rest of their imagery) online here.

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