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Trails Found: Saddle Up With Jim Grasky

As you might be aware, a bunch of our editorial team is down at a media event on Apache land down in Arizona's Dragoon Mountains. We're doing some tracking — something Jim Grasky of Trails Found is known for internationally — but more than that we're working on and around horses. Grasky's program, called to our attention by Breach-Bang-Clear, is called A Horse is a Village. He uses it to teach horse handling skills to SOF troops who may never have seen a horse anywhere but in a movie before. These soldiers, usually Special Forces troops, are typically preparing to deploy to a remote and austere location where mobility comes not on four wheels but on four legs. He does so by equating it to the classic Special Forces counter-insurgency/FID (Foreign Internal Defense) mission. Grasky, now approaching 80, was a Green Beret with 8th SFG during he Vietnam era — but he wasn't in Vietnam. He was riding and tracking across South America helping run down Che Guevara. He is a cowboy in the literal sense of the word — he's been a horseman his entire life; an SME in every sense of the word, he's a superlative rider, an excellent shot, and an outstanding communicator.

You just have to keep up with him.

Jim Grasky Trails Found Mounted Instruction2

Photo by Matt Stagliano.

Some other SMEs are here as well, including Rene Noriega. Noriega is a seasoned (one might say crusty) former training agent/instructor for the local USBP mounted unit. He now runs EquiStride Integrative Therapy. Check social media for the hashtag #trailsfound16. Keep an eye on our Instagram (@recoilmagazine) and Facebook as well — we'll publish imagery and videos as the opportunity presents itself. It's not the first tracking we've done (if you recall the recent Maryland trip) but it is the first time we've done anything tactical while perched on top of a half ton + animal.

Cover photo by David Merrill.

Trails Found: Saddle Up With Jim Grasky

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