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SEAMOK Professional Services

When you visit Seamok’s Facebook page, you will see they talk a lot about training in hand to hand combat (SEAMOK stands for Simple Effective Aggressive Methods of Kombate – their motto is, “In violence, there is no wrong, there is no right, there just is.”). They share and comment on many combat pictures. What caught my eye though were their ‘Skull Dusters’ and the ‘Shovel Clubs’, two weapons you can use if you really need to teach a lesson to someone. Both style of walking-stick-cudgel-shillelagh are handcrafted, and the Skull Duster can also be used as a cane. There are several types of wood available (hickory, cedar, rock maple and others) as well as various stains and colors.

To learn more about Seamok, you can visit their Facebook page or watch a couple videos on their YouTube page.


Seamok - shillelags

SEAMOK - shellelaghs - 2



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