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Shooting Sports Showcase 2021: Just Plain Fun

The showcase truly had a bit of something for everyone, from advanced hearing protection to electronic training devices and AK-47’s. No matter your skill level or interest, shooting sports are meant to be fun.

sol invictus tac-9 shooting sports showcase 2021

Sol Invictus Arms TAC-9 Copyright: Serena Juchnowski

Shooting the TAC-9 from Sol Invictus Arms is addicting. The blowback-operated 9mm pistol/carbine utilizes Glock magazines. Developers designed this firearm as an easy to carry option for motorcycle patrol officers that accepted the same ammunition and magazines as their side arm. Those familiar with the AR-15 platform will have nearly no learning curve adjusting to the TAC-9, which uses an all-steel bolt with a standard AR-15 fire control group. An adaptable rear trunnion allows for nearly endless brace and stock configurations.

shooting sports showcase 2021

Everyone had a great time at the Showcase – laughing with friends old and new. Copyright: Serena Juchnowski

It isn’t always the firearm that makes a trip to the range, fun, but also the people. Jokes, laughter, and smiles abounded across the various ranges. Sales representatives photo bombed pictures and exhibitor reps wandered to explore the facility the second half of the day. The Tetra Hearing tent evolved into a social area, some commenting at the odd feeling of having custom ear impressions taken while others watched in amusement.

Shooting Sports Showcase 2021

Alpha Landingham (left) uses the MantisX10 Elite to coach Serena Juchnowski (right). Copyright: Steve Finch – Used with permission for this instance only

Alpha Landingham, National Sales Director for Mantis, a company dedicated to helping shooters improve their skills, was especially fun to work with. His contagious energy and excitement for and belief in Mantis products kept visitors engaged and interested. Rather than just shooting a firearm, visitors received an experience and feedback. The Mantis X10 device analyzed each shot and presented personalized training tips on a connected smartphone app, but it was Landingham who really drove it home. There are more resources now than ever, and affordable ones, for people to improve their marksmanship skills and become more proficient with a firearm no matter their goals.


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