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NRA 2017: Seekins Precision Havak Action

Seekins Precision announced the release of its new Havok rifle action today. The new action features a Remington 700 bolt pattern and a novel, 2-row, 4-lug vertical bolt head that operates with a 90-degree bolt throw. Glen Seekins told us the Havok is a no-compromise action that addresses every concerns he's ever had when running R700 clones.

Specs & Features:

  • Integrated bolt lug
  • Removable bolt head
  • Removable bolt handle
  • AICS and AW magazine compatibility
  • Optional 3.2-inch, 4-round mag from Seekins
  • Gunsmith-free barrel changes using direct-thread factory replacement barrels.
  • Fully supported bolt catch
  • Helical extracting cam
  • Bolt head ans breech block made from proprietary tool steel
  • Action body and bolt body made from 416R stainless steel
  • 20-MOA optic rail
  • $1200, shipping in third quarter 2017

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