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SHOT SHOW 2022 Wednesday Round UP

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We've seen quite a bit come out of SHOT SHOW 2022 already. From frangible 5.56 ammunition by Maxim Defense, to new optics coming from EOTech, and Daniel Defense giving the classic MK18 a slimming makeover. The year of the Tiger has begun, which many of us would only know because of the display in the casinoes, but here's a round up of some of the best we've seen on the show floor at SHOT SHOW 2022.


Starting it strong, EOTech announced two new optics, and offered a sneak peek at their new night vision. The split from L3Harris, into an independent company has proved fruitful for the company, as their two new optics address two very different but often overlapping needs.

Shot 2022 EOTech EFLX

The EFLX is an MRDS that comes in two key flavors: 6MOA and 3MOA, but also takes ques from their famous holographic. The aspect ratio of the optic matches that of EOTech's EXPS sights, as the dot sits inside of a clear square pane of glass. With a battery life of 25,000 hours continuous, the user can choose between an auto-shut off setting or to leave the dot on until the battery dies. The EFLX sports the same footprint as the Deltapoint Pro.

The EFLX will arrive somewhere in Q2, and have an MSRP of $389.

On the other end of the spectrum, the EOTech has announced their newest LPVO, the Vudu 1-10x. With a 34 mm body, the LPVO ships with either an MRAD, MOA, or LE-5 MRAD reticle. With a first focal plane adjustment, at true 0 magnification the reticle appears in the same circle-dot shape as their holographic, but when zoomed in an entire tree fills the glass, with markings for elevation and windage adjustments.

Shot 2022 EOTech vudu 1-10

The Vudu 1-10 ships in the February/March timeframe, and will have an MSRP of $1800.

In addition to all this, EOTech showed off some of their new night vision offerings, that will come later this year. The separation from L3 didn't mean a loss of opportunities, but instead, EOTech has forged on to produce some remarkably light goggles. We'll know more in the future.

Blue Force Gear

Trauma Kinds, tac belts, and a new plate carrier are coming from Blue Force gear, each further representing the purpose-built nature of their products. While in reality, every product is made with a purpose in mind, but where some might choose to seek value, the primary design influence by Blue Force is to solve a problem.

That is why the Plate 6 dedicated assault plate carrier is set up like they have it. Leaving no gap between the front plate and a military-dictated 6-by-6 inch side plate, the new carrier also could be described as having an athletic fit. Designed for the people who's lives would likely be saved by a plate carrier, such as a hostage rescue team, it protects the vulnerable parts without adding bulk. By attaching the side sections to flaps that come out from the front platebag, instead of lifting a front section, the side-to-side fit holds tight without adding extra material to the front bag.

Blue Force Gear Plate 6 shot show 2022

The Micro Trauma Kit – NOW is one of the most popular medkits on the market, across populations. But some are in the need of more space to carry a full issued or personal medical kit, the contents of which would not fit in the compact pouch. So Blue Force Gear has released a new series of trauma kits, ranging from the micro, which could fit in a pocket, to the Trauma Kit Plus. The Trauma Kit – Small takes up less horizontal space on a belt my mimicking the form-factor of a triple-stack magazine pouch.

Blue Force Gear Trauma Kit Plus

The cream of the crop from Blue Force Gear comes in as the Grid Belt: the only known fully contoured belt. With an inner and outer section, the inner rides inside the belt-loops, while the outer has a continual curve, which allows the belt to sit properly on a body rather than a 55-gallon drum.

Shot 2022 Blue Force Gear Grid Belt

The Grid Belt's exterior section accepts molle all the way around, and can accept any buckle by way of how it encloses. Paired with the belt, a new holster mount specifically designed for this system attaches directly to the belt while adding minimal bulk and taking away as little as possible contact between the inner and outer sections.

Other Finds

Maxim Defense Frangibe 5.56 Ammo.

Maxim Defense Frangible 5.56 Shot Show 2022

Daniel Defense RIS III Rail and R III generation of guns.

Daniel Defense RIII system

And from FN America: the FN High Power.

FN High Power Cover Shot Show 2022

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