The Ultimate Firearms Destination for the Gun Lifestyle

SHOT Show Gallery Two

RECOIL got a ton of footage during SHOT Show, we're continuing to go through pictures and will upload more as we go. Here's the link to the first gallery.

Photos by: Luke Crawford, Jawbone Media



DSC_6399 copy

DSC_6398 copy

DSC_6397 copy

DSC_6396 copy

DSC_6395 copy

DSC_6391 copy

DSC_6389 copy

DSC_6388 copy

DSC_6385 copy

DSC_6382 copy

DSC_6380 copy

DSC_6373 copy

DSC_6371 copy

DSC_6370 copy

DSC_6365 copy

DSC_6359 copy

DSC_6356 copy

DSC_6354 copy

DSC_6353 copy

DSC_6349 copy

DSC_6347 copy

DSC_6343 copy

DSC_6342 copy

DSC_6340 copy

DSC_6336 copy

DSC_6335 copy

DSC_6333 copy

DSC_6332 copy


DSC_6324 copy

DSC_6317 copy

DSC_6316 copy

DSC_6315 copy

DSC_6310 copy

DSC_6306 copy

DSC_6302 copy

DSC_6294 copy

DSC_6443 copy

DSC_6442 copy

DSC_6440 copy

DSC_6439 copy

DSC_6438 copy


DSC_6436 copy

DSC_6435 copy


DSC_6433 copy

DSC_6432 copy

DSC_6431 copy

DSC_6428 copy

DSC_6427 copy

DSC_6426 copy

DSC_6425 copy

DSC_6423 copy

DSC_6422 copy

DSC_6420 copy

DSC_6419 copy

DSC_6417 copy

DSC_6416 copy

DSC_6414 copy

DSC_6412 copy

DSC_6409 copy

DSC_6408 copy

DSC_6406 copy

DSC_6404 copy

DSC_6403 copy

DSC_6402 copy

DSC_6520 copy



DSC_6516 copy

DSC_6515 copy

DSC_6512 copy

DSC_6511 copy

DSC_6510 copy

DSC_6509 copy

DSC_6508 copy

DSC_6507 copy

DSC_6506 copy

DSC_6505 copy

DSC_6504 copy

DSC_6503 copy

DSC_6502 copy


DSC_6500 copy

DSC_6498 copy

DSC_6497 copy

DSC_6494 copy

DSC_6493 copy

DSC_6491 copy

DSC_6486 copy

DSC_6485 copy

DSC_6483 copy

DSC_6480 copy

DSC_6479 copy

DSC_6478 copy

DSC_6476 copy

DSC_6472 copy

DSC_6470 copy

DSC_6469 copy

DSC_6464 copy

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