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Single-Cell 500 Lumen Pocket Rocket: Surefire EDCLT-1

We've seen a lot of new Surefire. Not only have they been seriously upping their game with weapon lights like the M600DF and XH35, but handhelds are getting some love too. Last week, Surefire announced a new (2) CR-123A cell handheld, the EDCLT-2, and this week we see another new handheld, the EDCLT-1. From a single cell, Surefire is now pushing 500 lumens. More than likely this is will be the new benchmark moving forward with new Surefire offerings.


Like its new big brother, the Surefire EDCLT-1 features a tailcap with a soft push and a gas pedal–give it a little love and you'll get five lumens, useful for finding your keys and checking for monsters under the bed. Push it all the way down, and you'll be pushing all 500 into someone's face. For constant light, instead of a clicky mechanism you simply give the tailcap a clockwise twist. Once again, twist a little and get that low light, crank it down for the 500.

The EDCLT-1 uses a Surefire TIR-type reflector, which was designed to balance throw and spill. Bear in mind that Surefire has dozens of beam patterns, so just because your M600U also rocks a TIR head doesn't mean the pattern will be exactly the same.

Even though it's not the brightest in Surefire's new lineup, we have been finding the EDCLT-1 riding in our pocket daily since we got our hands on one a couple of months ago. The size:performance ratio feels just right for a pocket light. And for real, who wants a bigassed flashlight in their pocket every day?

As Billy Mays used to say before his lifestyle caught up to him:

But Wait, There's More

The 300 lumen XC1-B officially launches today as well. If you've already picked up Concealment 8 then you've already seen it. In addition to somehow squeezing another hundred lumens from a single AAA battery, the XC1-B has improved controls–including the ability to constant-on with only the gripping hand.

Hit up Surefire for more info.

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