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Sinister’s AR Truck Exhaust for Shooters

Like the look of an AR15, want an aggressive look for your truck and improved performance? Check out the AR Exhaust Tip from Sinister Diesel. The AR Exhaust Tip, available in 5″ or 6″ versions, will enhance the look of a truck's exhaust exit by providing a pro-gun look that is completely different from traditional chrome or black tips.

“We were really thinking outside the box when we designed this part,” says Sinister co-founder Brian George.  “We wanted this tip to enhance not just the exhaust, but the total look of the rear of the truck.  Our customers are telling us we really nailed it with the AR Exhaust Tip.”

The Sinister Diesel AR exhaust tip is a powder coated stainless steel dual wall exhaust tip that is decked out with billet aluminum components designed to replicate an AR-15 quad rail hand guard.

 Sinister is a Roseville, CA company with a reputation for engineering great looking, high performance parts (though this is a particularly unique look, even for them).

No word yet if they're going to make a DD Superior Suppression, BattleComp or Effin' A versions in the future. We can only hope.

MSRP of the tip is $399, but right now the introductory price of $289 will save customers $110.

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