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Slide Fire Ceasing Sales of Bump Stocks

Slide Fire Solutions, absolutely best known for their bump stock attachments, has announced via their webpage that they will stop taking orders next month.

As you can see, they will continue to take orders until May 20, 2018.

In response to the Vegas shooting, last October an anti-gun group filed suit against Slide Fire. This was followed by an announcement by the DOJ that they would begin the regulatory process regarding bump stocks.

Slide Fire is just one brand of many that produces systems to make bump firing easier. There are bump triggers, binary triggers, digital triggers, other brands of bump stocks, and you can even print your own.

And of course, you can simply loop your thumb in the loop of your jeans.
Photo Credit: Youtube
If you're interested in learning more about simulated automatic fire, we actually published a buyer's guide in RECOIL #34. If you missed it on the newsstands, you can find the entire article online.

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