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Small Business Saturday: Scorpius Tactical

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Scorpius Tactical is a manufacturing business based in Reno, Nevada. They makes both unique target stands and body armor. We have been using the 2in1 Scorpius Modular Target Stand for a number of years, but the body armor caught our interest most recently due to one of Scorpius’ most recent clients: Pope Francis’ protection detail.

That’s right; Scorpius supplied body armor to the Pope’s protection detail.

We looked over some of the armor they were offering from AR-500 steel plates to custom plates made in a variety of lightweight yet strong materials. For the record, the Papal protection team went with the latter as opposed to the heavier AR-500 plates.


Company owner, Brian Nichols is always working to improve the product line and we have seen a number of innovations and improvements in the targets over the past few years.

In addition to manufacturing steel targets and trauma plates, Scorpius runs a retail shop selling tactical gear, rifle parts and airsoft guns along with their full line of targets and body armor.


We found the 2in1 Scorpius Modular Target to be perfect for the long range shooter and casual plinker. It is modular and breaks down for portability and can be set up in a matter of minutes. The name for the improved version is the Razor.


On the top half of the target you can mount a traditional IDPA or FBI paper silhouette target, but underneath it hangs a swinging AR500 steel gong.

This target is really a neat concept, primarily from the point of view of a long range shooter. You have a target you can set up as far away as you need and rather than having to walk several hundred yards downrange or break shooting position to check it through a spotting scope, you are rewarded with the sound of lead hitting steel when you are dialed in.


It works well for shooters like myself, particularly if you are torture testing or reliability checking a firearm and are running as many rounds down range as you can. When you get tired of punching paper, just bang the gong for a while.


They have a similar idea going with their Modular Rail Target System that allows the shooter hundreds of potential configurations.

Nichols is a semi-regular on the Nevada Gun Show circuit and we just mention this because the product can be heavy to ship. It is more convenient for customers in the northern Nevada and northern California regions to simply pick up the targets or plates at the shop or at a show.

The shop stocks a wide selection of AR-15 parts, tactical gear and other firearms accessories. Nichols is planning an expansion in the near future to better meet the needs of his customers.

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