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Snake Hound Machine’s “Loudener”

You read that correctly. “Loudener.” It is a muzzle device that enhances felt concussion and noise produced by a weapon while reducing felt recoil. The Loudener was designed by Snake-Hound Machine, the New Hampshire based company that has made a huge impact with its AKs (remember the ones from SHOT?), its handgun upgrade packages and the Shoot Heard ‘Round the World.

I know some very good weapon designers. Owen Martin of SHM is probably the closest one of them to the mad scientist trope, but don't hold that against him.

“Obviously for most people this will not be applicable, other than to be obnoxious and because f&$# you that's why,” Says Owen, “but there is a practical application for some people [some of whom are testing it now, though we are not at liberty to disclose whom, editor]. It exists because sometimes the demoralizing effect of live fire is important. Sometimes you wanna be quiet, sometimes you wanna be loud. If you’re going to be loud, why not be really, really loud?”

The muzzle brake's single chamber allows expanding gasses to burn outside the barrel (see the video below). This creates not only a significant increase in concussive and decibalic levels, but also significantly expands the typical distributed cone of  weapon-produced sound.

“Put one of these on any weapon and it sounds like a much bigger gun,” Owen continues. “Put them on a 240 [M240 Machine Gun, editor], especially with a shorter barrel and you're going to really make some noise. Instead of it being directed in a cone, it creates noise in a full 180 degree pattern, so to anyone in that area it will sound like it is coming right at them.”

The muzzle brake is not quick-detach, rather threading on and off like any other muzzle device. This will likely not be a detriment in the specific niche situations calling for its combat use, however.

The Loudener is currently available for 5.56mm, 7.62 x 39 and .308. They are being built now while you read this, and will be available the first part of September.

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