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Saturday Night Blade Porn: Matt Helm Knives

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What you see in the picture below is my friend Adam's Pocket Barbarian from Matt Helm Knives alongside his favorite blaster. Below that is his full-sized Barbarian. Helm, a Texas-based artisan and custom knife-maker, is friends with (and admired by) a lot of people in the firearms/tactical industry. His knife-making appears to be a relatively recent endeavor, not that you could tell to look at the work. He advises he was inspired to the craft by none other than Andy Roy of Fiddleback Forge.

Matt Helm Knives cover

This is the Fist Load, both normal and reverse edge. It's similar to the Clinch Pick, but modified by “…stretching the design to a larger handle, longer and taller blade, beefier tip and slightly different blade-to-handle angle. 3/16 thick, asymmetric grind in 01 tool steel.” The Fist Load with a sharpened upper edge is apparently known as the Tommy Special.

Matt Helm Knives 1 - Fist Load

Here's another, 3/16 in. tool steel and G10 with flared stainless tubing.

Matt Helm Knives 2 - Fist Load

Hammered Fist Load here.

Matt Helm Knives 9 - Hammered Fist Load

This piece is a 3/16 in. tool steel Matt Helm knife with antique white linen Micarta, copper pins and liners with assorted goodness in the background.

Matt Helm Knives 6

What you see below is Helm's version of a reverse edge, inspired by the Craig Douglas Clinch Pick design (with that worthy's permission). It's 5/32 asymmetric 01 tool steel, black Micarta G10 and natural canvas Micarta pins.

Matt Helm Knives - his take on the Clinch Pick

Matt Helm Knives 5

Matt Helm Knives 12

Matt Helm Knives 16

A Birdsall XL.

Matt Helm Knives 8 - Birdsall XL

This shows a few of his blades before being sent for heat treatment.

Matt Helm Knives 7

Here's one of his earlier works.

Matt Helm Knives early work

Says Helm,

“I got started by reading up in the maker areas of and watching some YouTube videos, etc. It's simpler than you think.Pick up some 01 tool steel from and a grinder of some description (lotta guys start with the 1 inch wide belt grinder Craftsman) or use a mill if you have access to one. Send it off to Peter's Heat Treating Services for a few bucks each for heat treating and you don't have to worry about that aspect up front. Very fun, opens a lot of doors and get to know good people.”

This is a Lawman and a Pendley.

Matt Helm Knives 11 - Lawman and Pendley

Another Pendley; this one was donated to the Stickman 100k party.

Matt Helm Knives 10 - Stickman Pendley

Here's the original Pendley design next to the newer Pendley XL (surrounded by some other mostly-Michigan goodness). Helm advises the XL blade is slightly longer than the original Pendley and the handle drops just a bit more at the pommel.

Matt Helm Knives 13

Another Pendley – the 3-Finger version.

Matt Helm Knives 14 - 3 finger Pendley

This has been a Matt Helm edition Saturday Night Blade Porn. As it was probably too short to suit those of you with discriminating taste in edge, I'll direct you to Matt Helm Knives on Facebook. You can also follow him on Instagram (@matthelmknives).

Matt Helm Knives - Closing

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