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Step Aside Hk–Check Out the V36C

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Since 2001, Heckler & Koch (Hk) has been producing a stubby version of their G36, named the G36C. This 5.56 rifle has a barrel just shy of 9-inches, and with the stock folded has an overall length around a mere 20-inches. But that's not the rifle we're discussing today.

We're fans of anything weird, especially weapons that never existed but were made anyway, like the CAR-15 Model N-23. It was in this same spirit that Owen Martin of Snake Hound Machine dreamed up this project. Using a Vepr receiver, genuine Hk parts, and a lot of custom fabrication gives us the V36C [Vepr-36C].

While Snake Hound Machine always has some skunkworks projects going on, he teamed up with Chase from Definitive Arms to complete this one-off project. Mocking this up in Photoshop to troll on Instagram is one thing, but making it in real-life as well as being completely functional is quite another. Martins says, “While it was my dreamchild, it was equal parts design and effort [from both of us] to make it come together.”

The V36C accepts STANAG AR-15 magazines, features a pushbutton magazine release, functional last-round-bolt-hold-open, and adjustable gas. No airsoft parts here, what you see are genuine Hk parts attached with a lot of totally custom adapters and mounts; though Martin tells us that due to the funk design style of the G36 furniture, they had to use a G36K length handguard and modify it to fit the C length barrel.

Who needs Photoshop if you have a CNC?
V36C10 V36C11

The duo went with a slightly longer (9.5-inches versus 8.9-inches) 1/7 twist 5.56 barrel turned down to .800-inches. The gas system length and gas tube are totally custom. The magwell conversion is a Definitive Arms offering. While running an AK suppressed can be kind of an adventure, the V36C has a gas block milled and modified to be adjustable via vented screws. This allows this nubby rifle to run a silencer without being beaten apart.

After extensive test firing, the V36C was dropped off at Wicked Weaponry in Hooksett, NH for an all black Cerakote job so everything matched up.

While you're unlikely to ever see one for sale in your local gun store, step back and give some appreciation for the craftsmanship and insanity that no doubt went into this project.


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