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Steyr Arms Redesigns Webpage

Steyr informs us that they've completely revamped and updated their webpage. And the new page does look quite a bit better indeed. If you want to see some snapshots of what it looked like before, check out the Wayback Machine Internet Archive . Here's what they have to say about it:

Much faster and easier to navigate than its predecessor, the new website offers a generous catalog of sporting rifles, hunting rifles, pistols and accessories. The website is packed with detailed descriptions, specifications, photos, videos, news articles and reviews of the entire lineup of Steyr firearms—all available at customers’ fingertips.

Built on an eCommerce platform, firearms and accessories are easy to browse, research and purchase. It also allows customers to rate the company’s products and share feedback, as well as sign up for the Steyr Arms Newsletter for the latest news and exclusive deals from the company.
To launch the new website, Steyr is offering limited-time specials on its famed Scout rifles for $1,499 and pistols for $499. Special deals on Steyr accessories and apparel will also be announced on the website on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Nov. 27 and 30. Visit the Steyr website at for more information.


Check our their new page here. You can also give them a follow on Facebook or Instagram

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