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Strike Industries Introduces Glock Pistol Compensator

Strike Industries has introduced a new Glock compensator at Triggrcon. Unlike other compensators on the market, Strike Industries took a unique approach to recoil mitigation. In order to understand its function, the design first needs to be examined.

Many of the pistol compensators on the market require the user to have a threaded barrel. Strike Industries took a different approach and used the guide rod to act as a mount for the compensator. However, it is not a solid mount. The guide rod is spring loaded, allowing for the compensator to move in a forward motion while the slide is moving rearward. While the compensator itself is designed to reduce recoil on its own, the two objects moving in opposite directions while the gun is cycling results in more recoil reduction. It simply comes down to physics.


Strike Industries considers this product to be a pre-production prototype that is almost ready for production. A shipping date has not been given, but stay tuned to Strike Industries social media for the announcements.

If you’re in the Seattle area, TriggrCon is open to the public this weekend, July 28-29, 2018. Come on down to check out the new offerings from PWS. It’s free, with a premium package also available. Check out the TriggrCon site for more information.

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