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First Look: Strike Industries P320 Sights

As the aftermarket continues to churn out new SIG Sauer P320 parts, there's been a gap around iron sights. Even the most basic blacked-out sights you'll solely use as backups to a red dot can add a considerable amount to the cost.

Strike Industries now has some budget-friendly P320 sights with prices starting at $30. Frankly, we weren't expecting too much at that price point. Available in both standard and suppressor-height (for seeing over silencers or co-witnessing with a mounted red dot), the Strike iron sights are more than basic black blocks that fit into dovetails.


The generous u-notch on the rear sight allows for a decent amount of daylight on either side of the front sight, avoiding the hard alignment a more narrow notch engenders. The rear sight also features some details that may not be obvious at first glance.

The back wall of the sight sits at a negative angle in order to ensure the best possible contrast in most lighting conditions. A center spine extends at an angle directly in the center of the rear sight, specifically designed to catch light and draw your eye to center. The serrated steps built into either side of the sight help kill other glares or reflections.

The front sight is also serrated for the same reason. You'll also notice a little divot in the front where you might otherwise see a tritium vial. You can leave this one black (our strong preference when using a red dot as primary), fill with a paint pen, or photoluminescent paint.


Nothing crazy here, the Strike Industries P320 sights can be installed with any P320 sight pusher, a universal sight pusher, or a simple non-marring punch. An included hex wrench allows you to crank down the screw pre-loaded with thread locker to secure the sight once you've got your windage worked out.

Are these Trijicon HD XR sights? Absolutely not. They're also $30.

Here's what they have to say about them:

The Strike Iron P320 Sights (Suppressor Height) give you an elevated sight picture for a red dot or suppressor pistol setup. The front and rear sights sit at an absolute co-witness position with a slide mounted red dot. Designed to help with proper sight alignment and keep the shooter's eyes focused, there is natural light that is seen on both sides of the front sight between the u-notch rear sight. Steps placed in the rear of both sights help angle and reduce unwanted glares or reflections out of your eyes. Lines and angles designed to use natural light reflections and shadow play to keep user's eye aligned and focused on the target. The rear sight is designed with a negative angle so that the shooter will see the back wall as dark as possible to give total focus on the sights. The line running down the middle of the rear sight is there to catch light from above and create a “line” illusion in which the shooter can use it to assist in aiming. The front sight can be painted to user’s color preference or use glow-in-the-dark pain to customize the look and use of the sights. Made from SUS630 hardened stainless steel, the Strike Iron Sights For (Suppressor Height) is engineered to be as robust as possible while giving you one of the most budget friendly options on the market.

You can visit Strike Industries online here.

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