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Suppressed Single-Shot .22 LR LifeCard: Meme Worthy Pocket Pistol

The world of firearms sometimes takes itself too seriously. In the not-fun-at-parties circles, unless a firearm or accessory is perfectly suited for jumping out of airplanes in Afghanistan it’s considered a waste of time. 

But even in this realm, rimfire often gets a pass. The low recoil combined with inexpensive ammo means there’s a lot of fun to be had, and over the years we’ve seen all manner of dress-up kits for Ruger 10/22s, from M1 carbines to M60s and everything in between.

But this still isn’t that. The Life-Card is a folding, single-shot, rimfire, perfectly pocketable pint-sized pistol. Hell, even the lowly derringer has 100-percent more capacity. 

We covered the original back in CONCEALMENT Issue 14, and even convinced Trailblazer to make us a custom threaded insert for the occasion. This inspired Trailblazer to offer up a threaded option for everyone. You’re welcome.

Originally from the mind of Aaron Voigt, founder of Trailblazer Firearms, the basis of the LifeCard started with the outline of a hotel keycard. When folded, it could be no larger and no thicker than a minimalist wallet.

Because the LifeCard has to be unfolded prior to firing, and also looks vaguely gun-ish (at least how a second grader draws one), it doesn’t fall under any NFA restrictions. No, you’re not going to want to carry it for defensive use, and that also isn’t the point. 

While we make jokes about it being a preferred assassin’s tool, in reality, a semiauto like the Beretta 21A Bobcat better serves that role. No, this one is just fun as hell.

Because it’s a break action, all of the propellant goes right out the muzzle with no gases escaping to run the action. With the already-quiet .22LR, this means the blast only expands into the silencer. 

Toss in subsonic ammo, run the silencer wet (see “Making Cans Quieter” in RECOIL Issue 58 for more details), and you have a giggle-inducing pistol that has to be experienced to understand. While a “standard” .22LR silencer will dwarf the 2.5-inch barrel on the LifeCard, you have other options; we featured the specialized GSL Pill Box previously, and here we have the modern and modular JK Armament JK 105 VersaX 22 that allows you to select your own size.

Ron Dan, president of Trailblazer, tells us, “Not only is the threaded barreled LifeCard the smallest and lightest suppressor host in production, but we have a good argument to say it may be the most fun suppressed pistol out there. Nothing beats gathering around with your buddies and trying to hit steel at ridiculous distances with it. We hope everyone can have even a fraction of the fun that we’ve been able to have with it so far.”

Adding to the fun are a new slew of accessories, like the C&G holster featured here. It can be run IWB for actual concealment, or OWB to camouflage the LifeCard a la a suburban dad who’s still carrying a Blackberry on his beltline. Trailblazer also sells a leather sleeve on their site, really making the whole thing appear much more wallet-like. With a small suppressor, you have what basically looks like a vape rig, but thinner and actually awesome. 

At some point we’re sure a sidecar-type holster will be made, with the Trailblazer on one side and a QD silencer on the other (in lieu of a small mag, which the Trailblazer can’t take). For bonus points, a Trailblazer with an integral knife like the original.

If you want something more practical, there are lots of options out there. But if you want some tongue-in-cheek with a meme gun, look no further. 


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