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Tactical Games Teams Up with RECOIL


RECOIL is thrilled to announce its partnership with Tactical Athlete Games (TAG). What are the Tactical Athlete Games? Think run and gun–with actual real, physical challenges. Tim Burke, the founder of the Tactical Athlete Games, calls it “Crossfit meets combat,”

The slogan is No Off Season for a reason: Professional baseball, football, hockey players, et al, all have one thing in common–they have an off season. Law Enforcement, Military, First responders are all on point 24/7/365. No preseason. They are always running or training to run toward the sound gunfire.
Interested? Here's some more information:

Leveling the Playing Field
The Tactical Athlete Games is based on the concept that in order to be successful in combat you must be both fast AND accurate while under physical and mental duress or stress. We will attempt to replicate some facet of combat in every stage we include in our events. The exercise used to elevate heart rate and the skill sets paired up with the exercise chosen will replicate something we experienced in combat at some time.

Scoring will be scored based on speed and accuracy. A stage or heat will start, and the athletes will be on a timer. Their time stops when they complete the stage or cross a finish line. The targets will be scored in a way that translates to time, not points. If a person misses a target, it results in a penalty, time is added to the score. For example, if a person completed an event in 14 minutes even but missed five shots…at 10 seconds per shot missed, 50 seconds would be added to their overall time for an adjusted score of 14:50. The aggregate time becomes their final score. After all the events are completed, the top three competitors with the lowest time aggregate are the winners in their category. At times, the penalty for a miss will be greater or less depending on the criticality of the shot.

“Percentage Targets” will also appear from time to time. These are targets that show only part of the target face or are covered partially with a “good guy” target. There is a steeper penalty for shooting good guy targets. (More time added to the final time)

FFI’s. FFI’s are Failure to Follow Instructions. If competitors are given specific instructions for a particular stage/heat, and they fail to execute according to the instructions, they can have a set amount of time added to their score. An FFI carries a heavy penalty, but not as much of a penalty as shooting a “hostage” or good guy target.

When Military units, SWAT teams, or other paramilitary organizations go into harms way, the weapons systems and gear are generally standardized within the group. Sure, there are snipers who carry a long gun, and Breachers who carry specialized breaching weapons, but overall, the group will be standardized. In the Tactical Athlete Games, we will attempt to level the playing field by standardizing the weapon systems used. This will provide an environment where everyone has the same advantages or disadvantages. You won’t see one competitor with a $10k rifle, and another competing with a $550 rifle.

The founder called it Crossfit meets combat, and we've heard RUMINT that something official may be happening with Crossfit as well.

The very next Tactical Athlete Games is taking place May 19th-20th in Ardmore, TN. You can find registration information here.

We'll be there–will you?

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