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Take a look: the new Smith Bradley Ltd. Ambush

If you’ve seen the most recent cover of RECOIL (which most likely you have, considering how fast they flew off the shelves) you saw a Smith Bradley Ltd. Ambush. The Ambush is an American made watch built in Sidney, Illinois. Begun originally with what became an extremely successful Kickstarter campaign, the Ambush was designed by watch artisan Jerommie Smith (one of the two creative geniuses behind Smith Bradley). He was inspired, he says, by the AR-15. The goal was to make an affordable, aesthetically pleasing, rugged and field-ready Swiss-powered digital analog watch.

It certainly appears they’ve done that.

Smith Bradley Ltd Ambush 4

One or two of our lads are wearing the Ambush now to confirm how it holds up on the range, in the field or on the job. Wrist After all, a watch should be able to withstand the rigors of plumbing or construction as much as it does the shoot house or 3 gun competition in foul weather if you’re going to spend hundreds of dollars on it. We’ll update you in the coming months, but so far so good. We’d buy one, and have.

It’s nice to see the return of American made gentleman’s “wearables” (or “man jewelry”); equally satisfying to see entrepreneurs succeed.

The Ambush was funded in September 2014 and debuted at SHOT 2015. It has its roots in precision from all over the world. Says Smith Bradley Ltd.,

“We designed the Ambush from the ground up–from the white board, to the electronic renderings, to the molds and mock-ups.  Given the complexity of the movement and the design, we have sourced the watch from all over the world.  In order to find the perfect combination for the Ambush, we receive custom crystal from Switzerland, steel from Germany, and straps from the USA.  Of course the heart of the watch is a Swiss movement.  When each piece arrives at our shop, we inspect it for quality, and the build process begins.”

The Ambush is available in PVD and Stainless Steel. It ships with a set of American made Allen tools, a black NATO type strap and a proprietary SB Ltd. TPU strap.

Smith Bradley Ltd Ambush 1

Follow them on Instagram here (@sbwatches). They’re on Facebook here. See their whole line here.

Read more about Smith Bradley Ltd. here on Forbes.

More questions about the Ambush? Read this.

Smith Bradley Ltd Ambush 3

Smith Bradley Ltd Ambush 7

Smith Bradley Ltd Ambush 5

Smith Bradley Ltd Ambush 6


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