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Take a Look- The Tomboy Project

What is a ‘Tomboy’ exactly? That’s what Ashley Jo George spent the last 3 years trying to find out. Ashley traveled all 50 states to meet with tomboys across the country, to get their story and to slowly build the definition of a ‘tomboy’.

After 3 years of using sick days, savings, and vacation time, Ashley has started a Kickstarter to fund the publication of her work. The book will be 300 pages long with full color photographs from the places she went and all the people she interviewed. The book also includes fun facts and tidbits from the journey that leads to her definition of a “…stereotype that hasn't been modernized in hundreds of years.”

“When I began to research Tomboys, I realized that the definition hadn’t been modernized since it was first published in a newspaper 422 years ago. It's not 1592 anymore, so I felt it was time to see what it means to be a Tomboy in the US, today.”

Since women who shoot are often classified as tomboys (though they shouldn't be, not all of them), we thought some of you might find this intereting. You can read more about her project, how you can back it, and the rewards that come with supporting it on the website here. You can also visit the Facebook page for updates and pictures.



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