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The 6-Second Optic Mount

A couple of weeks back we put an image on Facebook that garnered a lot of attention. The picture was of a Glock rigged up for an EOTech MRDS, Aimpoint Micro or something similar and a light with the “6-Second Optic Mount”; that picture came via Frozen Rat, from a collection of images featuring the custom holster Raven Concealment Systems (RCS) designed for a weapon equipped with that system. Here are a few more pictures for those who were asking, courtesy of both Frozen Rat and ALG Defense. The weapon is a Glock with the ALG Defense “6-Second Optic Mount” aboard. It was originally designed for a client in the form of a specialty government/DoD CT unit that performs linear assaults with a particular eye toward hostage rescue. The name comes from the “6 seconds from breech to rescue” constraints such a team might operate within when things go loud. There are a number of intended advantages to the design, including ease of use with NODs, a mitigation of abuse to the optic (which would otherwise we riding the slide) and faster sight tracking.  The pistol is also equipped with a Geissele mag well mod. The holster was built for the prototypes. Some or all of these assorted pieces may be available soon for commercial purchase; we will advise when this occurs. Note that if you'd like to take a first hand look at 6-Second Optic Mount prototypes, they and the RCS holsters will be at the NSSF SHOT Show 2014 next week, Booth #561

Booth 561 is, as RCS' Michael Goerlich puts it, “…down in the pit, back by the beef jerky and the nunchuks.”

The-ALG-6secondmount-Geissele-RCS -1


The-ALG-6secondmount-Geissele-RCS -2

The-ALG-6secondmount-Geissele-RCS -3

The-ALG-6secondmount-Geissele-RCS -4


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