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The “Build Your DDM4” program from Daniel Defense is BACK

The “Build Your DDM4” program is back from Daniel Defense and open to everyone.  Saying it's “back” might seem to be a bit of a misnomer, since the program actually started last July, however the program slowed down considerably last Fall when orders for custom Daniel Defense rifles outstripped their ability to manufacture and deliver them. Due to the incredible demands they were forced to implement an invitation system that had customers awaiting an invitation before being allowed to build and buy a weapon.

“We worked on it all last year,” Daniel Defense Director of Marketing Jordan Hunter told me, “then all the rifle demand madness caused a rush of visits to the Build Your Own page that actually crashed the server. We have a certain amount of guns we can build and deliver on time, so we couldn't take orders past that time. What wound up happening, we had folks log in right at midnight and overwhelming things. That in turn forced us to go to a promo code situation, where our customers had to await an invitation to start building their rifle. That's obviously not how we wanted it.”

Since that time Daniel Defense has expanded its ability to build their rifles, so much so that a custom build DDM4 selected from the Build Your DDM4 program is assembled and shipped within 7 days of its start date.

“Though the program has been running for over a year now,” says Hunter, “we want everyone to know it is now opened back up to everyone. Now, there are going to be some issues with availability of pieces and parts depending on the build plan, the build cycles for specific parts and the demand, but overall it's up and running.”

The Build Your DDM4 process involves an interactive page built right into the Daniel Defense website. It involves a process only marginally more complicated than completing a paint by number project. Prospective DDM4 shooters just go to the ‘Build Your DDM4‘ page and get started by either selecting Build an Upper or Build A Complete Rifle. Over the next week or so I'm going to look at different options, talk with Jordan and then make my selections. I'll write an update here as the process moves along. Once the rifle is built they'll ship it here, after which I'll take it out to the range and the shoot-house, put it through its paces and present a review here on RECOILWEB.

There are a lot of options available so I'm not sure exactly what I'll wind up with. You begin with a  DDM4 Complete Lower w/ Geissle SSA Trigger or a DDM4 Complete Lower. You select from Carbine Length (5.56mm NATO or .300 BLK) vs. Mid Length barrels (5.56 NATO or 6.8 SPC II), and 14.5″, 16″ or 18″ barrel featuring  Government or Light Weight Profile with Mid-length 1.7 Twist, Strength 2 Weight (S2W) Profile, Mid-Length 1.7 Twist. There are even more options for muzzle devices: Flash Suppressor 5.56 NATO, Flash Suppressor Extended 5.56 NATO, Muzzle Climb Mitigator 5.56 NATO, Muzzle Climb Mitigator Extended 5.56mm NATO, Superior Suppression Device 5.56 NATO, Superior Suppression Device Exented 5.56 NATO, Muzzle CLimb Mitigator and Extended Mitigator (other calibers). Then the customer must make a choice between the Omega X Rail, AR15 Lite Rail (the one with the DD “bolt-up system”), Omega Rail, Rail Interface System II (if you need an under-barrel grenade launcher), Modular Float Rail, or EZ Car. Note that some of the rail systems require specific gas blocks. Your final choices are sights (A1.5 Fixed Rear Sight, Rail Mounted Fixed Front Sight, Fixed Front/Rear Sight Combo, or none) and under-barrel furniture (Black Vertical Foregrip, ConVert Foregrip Assembly in FDE  or black for those using a pressure pad and Cble Remote Assembly).

All custom rifles and upper receiver groups come with a Lifetime Warranty.

I'll keep you up to speed. Meantime, visit Build Your DDM4 page from Daniel Defense.

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