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The Business of Killing: Sniper Moneyball

Christopher Rance recently published an article on the FORTAC Group (FORTAC Tactical Group LLC) web page entitled Sniper Moneyball, in which he discusses (among other things) boots on the ground and real shooters vs. technology, the idea that the military has become spoiled (when it comes to funding) since 9/11, the need for properly equipped, trained and snipers and the ‘Weapon Employment Zone.'

It reads in many places like a textbook, but it's damned interesting. Check it out.

Snipers are a remarkable breed. Given the multitude of factors that can cause a bullet to miss its intended target, it is a wonder that snipers are consistently able to hit anything, especially at extended ranges. Humans are of course, the ultimate fire control system. Science will never supplant a trained sniper. Technology can only augment the skills that snipers already possess. However, with bravado set aside, snipers tend to only remember that one remarkable shot in combat at 800 meters. The sniper tends to overlook the number of rounds expended in training and combat and they attribute any “flyer” in a group to fate. Military strategists need to strive to provide snipers with the best tools available so that they can do their job but as cheaply as possible.

Sniper bolt

Read the original article in its entirety here.



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