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The Censorship Intensifies Against Fieldcraft Survival

If you were looking for Fieldcraft Survival recently, and had difficulty finding their website, it wasn't your fault. In a sudden takedown, the entire storefront disappeared, and more effectively than if a BGM-71 TOW missile had hit the front door. We'd spoken about the censorship that had struck American Contingency and Fieldcraft Survival recently, but no one was expecting what came next.

Mike Glover, founder of Fieldcraft Survival, and Special Forces Veteran had left the service to pursue the American Dream: building his own company, and putting blood, sweat, and tears into it to make something for himself. The idea behind the company wasn't as pathologically simple and personal enrichment, but meant to give valuable skills and information to those who sought it out.

That dream eventually lead into American Contingency, which, as he described himself, was a grass-roots answer to the increasing limitations put on police across the country. As many of us received word from our local governments that No One Is Coming To Save You, Mike Glover saw his network as an opportunity to unite people across the country to look out for credible threats, regardless of politics or affiliation.

Yet that wasn't enough, as eventually his Instagram and Facebook pages were cut off from communication. This falls in line with our concerns regarding censorship, as he never advocated for violence, but rather worked to warn people if it was in their backyard.

Not Enough, Ever Enough?

We could have tied a nice bow there, and called it normal for political censorship in an election year. Yet the problems did not end there. Soon after he faced further problems. Soon after, not only could Instagram and Facebook users not even look for his name, but even family member's pages were taken down from social media. His mother, who owns a salon, soon found out that her social media presence was deemed questionable by Facebook and taken down.

Now such things almost feel expected. But what came next raised hairs on the necks of more than just Americans. Fieldcraft Survival, which teaches people how to be independent and self sustaining, disappeared from the internet suddenly. Its many products, from training courses to the ubiquitous hats and t-shirts, were suddenly removed from the marketplace, with barely an explanation.

As expected, censorship is typically followed by lucid statements lacking commitment, opening the platform up to pseudo-intellectual interpretation availing open-ended enforcement.

The Good News

The good news is that Fieldcraft Survival is now back up and available. If you're one of those who follow both us, and Fieldcraft Survival, there's good news. Mike Glover has been able to secure a new web host, and one that's 2A friendly.

You can find his products at

The best place to find him is at

At the same time you can find his introduction at



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5 responses to “The Censorship Intensifies Against Fieldcraft Survival”

  1. Bill Masen says:

    We all need to abandon Facebook and go over to PARLER, its like FB/ twitter but for patriots and republicans. Its had 2 million new members recently.

  2. Josh says:

    I run a small website hosting company, and if I were any more 2A friendly, it would take out a restraining order on me.

    Been hosting for 25 years & my techs are gun nuts as well.

    If anyone else has any troubles, put them in touch.

  3. EndOfPatience says:

    Pops right up in my search.

    But I use DuckDuckGo.

  4. Gareth says:

    Anyone stupid enough to keep facebook/instagram deserve all they get.

  5. Patrick says:

    We all should be down with Facebook /Instagram
    they have been pushing the left’s agenda for a very long time

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