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The Cob Cigar from Morgan Pipes

Morgan Pipes (we previously wrote all about them here) informed us recently they have a new cigar — well, it's sort of a cigar — they want everyone to know about. Each piece is handmade and numbered.

Here’s what they told us.

Now Available: The Cob Cigar from Morgan Pipes

Cob Cigar 3

It's finally here~

After years of development, The Cob Cigar is now available to the public! Phil Morgan and his incredible team at Missouri Meerschaum have worked with me to produce this amazing pipe. It was modeled after our Briar Cigar, but adapted for the different material requirements of corn cob. The Cob Cigar comes outfitted with a Reverse Calabash system, an acrylic stem, and a cork to be used as an end cap. All for $18.99!!! The Cob Cigar is currently available from Morgan and should have their inventory shortly.

You can find Morgan Pipes online here, Facebook here and Instagram here. For a quick link to the Cob Cigar, click here.

For more information on the Briar Cigar, click here to read a review by Matt Stagliano.

Cob Cigar 4

About Morgan Pipes, in his own words.

I have an immense passion for pipe making
It all started when I was little…

I have always loved creating. As a kid, I would draw pictures, paint, whittle, and build things out of wood. In high school, I began to do pottery and was soon spending all of my time in the studio. I quickly learned that I had a knack for fine art and eventually carving. Wood soon became my life. I began to build furniture, jewelry boxes, etc.

One day, while in college, I found one of my grandpa's old pipes. I remembered that he was a great pipe smoker back when i was little. It was an old “Shalom” briar. I smoked it on and off for about a month and then decided then, based on my woodworking skills, that I could produce my own pipe. I obtained some briar and some pre-made stems and went to work.
That was in 2006…

My pipes are made entirely by hand and each is completely original and unique. These pipes are made one at a time, from start to finish, with the absolute best briar and ebonite.

All pipes are stamped with “Morgan Pipes”, my logo and all pipes will be numbered (ie. 15-xx). “15” for the year and “xx” representing the corresponding number pipe that year.

Cob Cigar 1

I find that the best pipes come from a compromise between the briar and the pipe maker.

I don’t work with any plans or sketches unless a customer wants a specific shape. I do not currently grade any of my pipes based on quality level. Every pipe I make is the best i have to offer at that moment.  From time to time you make see a pipe stamped “RAW” or “Titan” . RAW pipes are generally void of any finish (bare wood) and sport a proprietary pre made stem. Titan grade pipes are exceptionally large pipes.

I am self taught, but many have participated in my education.. Thank you all for your support and friendship.

As long as I have customers to admire my pipes, I will continue to produce one of a kind briar beauties for the world to enjoy.

All image photo credits courtesy of Morgan Pipes.

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