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The Donald Trump AR15 Lower

We actually have no idea who did this, if it's a one-off, a joke, a staunch supporter of presidential candidate Donald J. Trump or just someone who is a master of political trolling. But there it is: the Donald Trump AR15 lower.

Would you run a Trump lower, like maybe this one from TacSoup?




Here's an interesting take on things from one of the more articulate and level headed websites out there, the Libertarian Reason.TV.

When 57 percent are saying you suck, something has gone wrong with the selection process, hasn't it?

…If the Democratic Party and the Republican Party lived up to their various feints toward libertarian rhetoric, they would certainly blunt the appeal of most third-party candidates but certainly anybody put up by the LP itself. The refusal to do so will likely be the undoing of one or both of them. Consider the fact that Hillary Clinton is not just an unregenerate hawk on foreign policy. She is an all-in drug warrior and a hater of the sharing economy who, like Donald Trump, has called for Internet censorship. On the either side of the aisle, Trump's mass-deportation plan implies the creation of a your-papers-please police state and his trade policy is good old American protectionism on steroids. Exactly where he stands on most issues is anybody's guess (on foreign policy, he's promised both “bomb the shit out of them” and get other countries to fight their own battles).

You can read more of that article here.

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