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The End of Marking Time

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The book is The End of Marking Time. It occurs after SCOTUS (Supreme Court Of The United States) rules that long term imprisonment is cruel and unusual punishment under the Eighth Amendment. The result is the release of 2 million felons.

The story involves the “protagonist” (anti-hero possibly?) who is relaying the story to what he believes is his jury (you, the reader). For more reasons than just a transition from prison to the outside he has a lot of adjustment to do; he faces culture shock on a couple of levels.

“The world outside my brick-walled prison looked the same as it had before I'd been locked up four years earlier, but so many things, invisible things, had changed. People in this new wold knew what I was even if they didn't know who I was, but I hadn't figured that out yet…” Excerpt from Chapter Sixteen

From the description: Criminals rampage on the outside. Citizens barricade themselves in. Police departments take extreme measures to end the crime spree. Corrections departments have a flood of new offenders, but no way to deal with them until Wendell Cummings develops reeducation. The system is a brutal violation of privacy and human rights, but citizens don’t care anymore. They want protection at any cost and the government has no choice but to give it to them. For the first time, felons fear the system.

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“THE END OF MARKING TIME is the culmination of years of thought about families, crime, and how our society deals with its disruptive citizens. There are no easy answers in this book and none are attempted directly. Michael O'Connor has been placed in a reeducation system that addresses his issues in an outlandish way, but it highlights the need for our criminal justice system to protect us from those who would do us harm and at the same time help those offenders who can be helped. I have had many great discussions with readers about these issues and I hope you will be moved to discuss them as well.” CJ West, author of The End of Marking Time

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