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The G5+ Pocket Glock Tool From NcSTAR At NRAAM

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Every now and again, one finds greatness in a place that they never imagined they would find it. This time Steve Fisher of Sentinal Concepts flagged us down with a bellowing “Hey dawg, check this out. This thing is legit.” When a respected trainer and industry consultant is standing in front of the NcSTAR booth talking about something that caught his attention, it's worthwhile to listen.

Steve introduced us to Michael with NcSTAR who pulled a little blue tool out of his cargo pocket that didn't look like much at first until Michael started talking through all of the features this little Swiss Army-inspired Glock tool has to offer.

The most interesting feature was the magazine baseplate removal tool. How many times have you fought with a magazine baseplate to either add an extension, change springs or swap out a cracked follower? Experience tells us that Glock baseplates don't like to come off without some sort of black magic spell, but Michael made it look easy by using leverage to pop the baseplate off like it was nothing.

Just drop the pointy end into the retaining pin hole first.

VISM Glock Tool - 9

Grab the mag and tool like you are squeezing a pair of pliers.

VISM Glock Tool - 8

Next thing you will hear is a healthy *POP* as the baseplate slides off the mag body.

VISM Glock Tool - 7

NcSTAR built some other features into the tool like a seat for the striker to make servicing the spring cups and striker spring much easier.

VISM Glock Tool - 6

Instead of trying to ensure that the striker doesn't rotate, the tool holds everything in place while you release spring tension and either install or remove the spring cups.
VISM Glock Tool - 4

The G5+ tool also has a correctly dimensioned Glock punch made from hardened tool steel attached to it that seemed to be easier to use when tearing down an ATEi Glock 19x at the Trijicon booth.

Michael then flipped out the front sight tool that at first glance looked uninteresting until we glanced into the barrel of the tool and spied a magnet. While that might not seem like that big of a deal, after losing more than one front sight screw, that little magnet is going to be pretty helpful in keeping those tiny screws on the driver head and out of the carpet.

VISM Glock Tool - 2

That front sight tool locks in both the open and closed position by depressing the small button on the side of the tool.

On top of all that, the G5+ tool also features a bottle opener as well as rounded edges on the handle similar to the factory Glock tool that help center pins in the frame without poking and prodding with the 2.5mm punch.

VISM Glock Tool - 1

So what is this little bit of magic going to cost? MSRP is set at $24.99 but a simple internet search resulted in prices under $13 before shipping and tax if applicable.

Check out the NcSTAR website for more information or stop by booth #3906 at the 2018 Annual Meeting.

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