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The Glock Model G48: Rumors and RUMINT

We got some details about the Glock G43X from good authority. But then there was a question–if the ‘X' models are for crossovers, what exactly was a G43 going to be crossed with to make the G43X?

We have it from several sources, largely from blue-label dealers that contacted us after the G43X article, that the crossover will be with the yet-to-be-released G48. If you were hoping for a single-stack G19 it appears your prayers may have been answered. Unofficially we've been told the official release date will be on January 3rd, 2019.

While we don't know if the grip size will be the same as the G43X, we're making the educated guess that it will. We're rolling with the idea that the G48, with a frame 4mm wider than your standard G43, will perhaps be a stagger-stack gun ala' Sig Sauer P365 as opposed to a straight-up single-stack gun. We have heard the barrel length may be possibly longer than the Glock 19 (4-inches) and may come closer to the Glock 17 barrel at ~4.5-inches.

Once again, we took the liberty of Photoshop–and perhaps we'll see in ten days exactly how right or wrong we are!

And of course, let's do one with forward serrations, just because.

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