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The most “should be famous” gunfights in history

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Here's some good news for those of you who, like me, enjoy Knowing Things for the sake of knowing them (or if you're a student of hoplology). I just read that Claude Werner, learned gun littérateur, will be writing a series of articles over the coming months about some of the most significant gunfights in history. The first one he describes as the “most significant gunfight in American law enforcement history,” for reasons described in the article — the Union Station Massacre.

“The lawmen and their prisoner exited Union Station and proceeded across the street to where the two BI cars were parked. As they started to take their seats in the cars, they were ambushed by criminals at close range. The intent was to free Nash from custody. At least one of the criminals was armed with a Thompson submachinegun.

To this day, there is some controversy over the sequence of events that followed. What is clear is that gunfire erupted shortly after the springing of the ambush. Detectives Grooms and Hermanson were killed instantly. Within the space of a few seconds, Chief Reed and prisoner Nash were killed, while Special Agent Caffrey was mortally wounded. With the attempt to free Nash botched, the criminals immediately fled. They were shot at by a uniformed Kansas City Policeman as they escaped but without result.”

Now, hailing as I do from Kansas City and being a history nerd as I am I was already familiar with this fight (which resulted in the death of 4 LEOs and their prisoner). I'm betting he brings up some things I know little or nothing about, which is going to make for some good reading.

I'm a little aggravated I didn't think of this myself but I suppose I'll go ahead and suggest you check out the entirety of the first installment right here:

Kansas City Massacre2

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Keep an eye on the Tactical Wire for future articles.

Claude Werner, aka the Tactical Professor is a former mustang SOF officer and Chief Instructor for the Rogers Shooting School who is a 6 time IDPA Champion.

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