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The New Faxon FX-19 Patriot & Hellfire | SHOT 2019

Just as we predicted, SHOT 2019 is turning out to be the year of the Glock clones. Faxon Firearms announced the FX-19 pistols just prior to SHOT Show, but we get to put our mitts on them now and give you an up-close look at the Faxon FX-19 guns.

Faxon launched two models, the carry focused Patriot and the competition focused Hellfire that features lightning cuts. both models will come optics ready for RMR footprint dots with a cover plate installed.


The Hellfire's slide features lightning cuts that reduce slide mass as well as aggressive slide serrations that are remarkably sharp and positive.


The reduced weight of the slide should help shooters mitigate recoil a touch better than a slightly heavier slide. Just behind those lightning cuts, you notice some forward serrations for press checks.


As is the case with all of Faxon's machined parts, the detail work is very good and free of tool marks.


Rear serrations for the Hellfire have an interesting pattern while remaining very effective.


Faxon had installed Overwatch Precision D.A.T. V2 triggers on the show guns and the Hellfire was sporting a magwell and the all-new Faxon magazine extension.


Looking at the frame of the new FX-19 guns, it is obvious that while the frame is a Faxon exclusive, it is obviously produced by Polymer80 for Faxon as a complete firearm.


While handling the pistol on the show floor we found the texture to be grippy but not uncomfortable.


Taking a closer look at that all new magazine plus 5 magazine extension you can't help but notice the Taran Tactical inspired pin retention device.


The millwork on the prototype extension wasn't as clean as we normally see from Faxon but that is forgivable once you learn that the prototype was finished mere hours before they were supposed to be getting on a plane for SHOT.


The magwell appears to be designed to work with the new mag extensions and we didn't see any issues with the retaining pin being pushed out by the sides of the magwell as we have seen with other magwell and magazine extension combos.


The new magwell is a one-piece design that is secured with a single screw in the rear of the grip.


Official pricing was not available when we spoke with Faxon, you can check the Faxon website for updates and more information about the rest of the Faxon product lineup.

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