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The OPFOR Mag Carrier from Limitless Gear

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This is is the OPFOR magazine carrier from Limitless Gear (LG). It is the first of a new line of equipment called the RSEE (RSEE Rapidly Scalable Equipment Ensemble) and is the focus of a new crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. The OPFOR appears to offer two interesting new developments in ammunition load carriage. First – the ability to quickly move a loadout from one platform to another, i.e. from a battle belt to a plate carrier or something similar. Second – lidless magazine retention that is potentially superior to that of friction-only open top mag carriers.

Based on video and images provided by LG, the OPFOR really does appear to offer a whole new level of fast attach/quick detach modularity (with the additional benefit of ‘stackability'). Long ‘teeth' on the back of the OPFOR appear to come together vertically via a sliding tray from the bottom to work with smaller teeth on the top in order to fasten onto a row of MOLLE/PALS. Honestly, this seems to be the perfect example of a forehead-slapping Why didn't I think of that? development by innovative designers. I am looking forward to trying it out; I want to see how reliably it fastens, how easy it is to unlock for movement and more importantly and if grit/dirt/ice provide potential blockage problems.

When it comes to the OPFORs capacity to hold (and let go of) a rifle magazine, Limitless Gear advises their OPFOR provides lidless positive retention without a reliance on friction. The OPFOR provides positive magazine retention with a latch and leaf spring mechanism. The spring engages the magazine catch hole and presses it over against the latch. The manufacturer promises this will provide secure retention without a physical barrier (e.g. a lid, flap or bungee cord) even while inverted. The magazine is removed with a simple twist and pull.

The OPFOR was built by a trio of designers; former USAF Explosives Ordnance Disposal technician Patrick McCone, Aersospace Engineer Darrell Stevens and Systems Engineer Cole Nielsen. It is manufactured by what is described as a “proprietary polymer blend” and will be available in initially in black and tan only. The first production models will be for AR15/M4 magazines. They have plans for SCAR 17 and other magazines (presumably including AK47) in the future.

It's definitely an interesting design, though to say (as Limitless Gear does) that it's “the first magazine carrier designed to help our military and law enforcement professionals conduct operations in today's world” is a bit of a stretch. Hyperbole is expected in a commercial endeavor though, so we'll set it aside. The OPFOR has a lot of promise. I look forward to getting some on the range and wish Limitless Gear success in their endeavor.

You can check out the Indiegogo campaign here. Follow Limitless Gear on Facebook here and Instagram here.

(Images are screen shots from LG video or pictures taken from their social media.)

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