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The SnG Folder from Prometheus Design Werx

This is a PDW Special Projects Division edition of the renowned Mick Strider (Strider Knives) SnG design. It's a one-time offer folder featuring the Prometheus Design Werx Underwater Exploration Team (UET) crest laser engraved on both sides of the fully contoured Titanium slab. The handle is a frame lock and the pocket clip features their kraken logo. The special edition also includes one of a limited run of PDW UET v2 morale patch crests.  The new knife commemorates the PDW field project Operation Poseidon Clear, an anti-poaching field project. It should drop any time now on their website in the tools section (they tell us they'll announce it on Instagram, @prometheusdesignwerx).

Limit one per customer.


For some background, the PDW Field Team recently went to the Sea of Cortez as guests of the Mexican Comisión Nacional de Áreas Naturales Protegidas. They went to work with locals identifying, locating and clearing illegal fishing nets and trolling lines used by cartel-poachers. Many people are unaware the cartels are involved in the illegal trade of animal parts in addition to narcotics trafficking — for instance, just one swim bladder of the Totoaba fish can bring as much as $14k US in China. This has led to illegal overfishing that threatens the species with extinction.

If you're interested in the story, you can read more about Operation Poseidon Clear right here.

Prometheus Design Werx Underwater Exploration TEam Operation Poseidon Clear 1 Prometheus Design Werx Underwater Exploration TEam Operation Poseidon Clear 2

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